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Look at Bernini’s fountains, Gaudi’s undulating walls…….. Centuries of art and culture are crafted into buildings in Europe. We often look at the past for design inspiration. What vital ingredients are missing in today’s houses?

With a new building constructed, the option of a concrete floor is an cost effective option when the surface bed, required for any floor finish, is coloured with Colour Hardener and skimmed to a smooth floor finish. This saves labour and material on additional topping and tile finishes.

Walls: Although a cement finish, such as a smooth Satin Plaster or Natural Cemwash is more than synthetic paint finishes, the cement wall finish ads ambiance, effect and life to a plain wall. In bathrooms and showers, even kitchens, the application of Satin plaster (satin to touch) creates more spaciousness and warmth than clinical tiles and space defining tile joints.
Personalization: With cement finishes the client can add his own touch with inserts in floors, counter tops and cast kitchen island walls. Add a fossilized ammonite, glass beads, mosaics, quartz, stones, brass strips, company logo, etc.


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